Using Cipro And Increasing The Risk Of Tendon Rupture!

This interference causes the DNA to rewind after it has been copied and thus, further synthesis is stopped and the bacterium is killed off. Ciparo was first introduced in 1987 and it was approved by the FDA in October of the same year for treating specific bacterial infections in the United States.

Medical Uses Of Cipro: Cipro has a lot of medical uses and that is why many doctors prescribe it to their patients who have infections of different kinds. Cipro is used to fight a number of infections such as: anthrax, urinary tract infections, joint and bone infections, gastric infections, cellular infections, protatitis and respiratory tract infections among numerous others.

Side Effects Caused Due To Cipro: Like all other drugs that are present in the market, Cipro too has its own side effects that people experience when they use this drug. Some of the side effects of Cipro include: allergic reactions such as rashes on skin, itching on skin, breathing problems, irregular heartbeats, seizures, redness or blistering of skin inside the mouth, pain or trouble passing urine, unusual pain, tingling in various body parts, fatigue, numbness, joint or muscle swelling. If these symptoms are experienced by a person then it is important that they get medical help as soon as possible. Other minor side effects that people might experience due to Cipro are: nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea and white patches or sores inside the mouth.

What People Should Know When Using Cipro: Cipro isn't a drug that should be used lightly as the chemical reactions that Cipro causes inside the body are quite potent. People should take care of some things and tell them to their doctor's before they begin taking Cipro. Doctors' should be told if the person has any kind of heart problems, liver problems, kidney problems, seizure disorders, allergic reaction to the chemicals used in Cipro, or if they are pregnant or are breast feeding. Only when the doctor is told about these things, they can decide the appropriate dose of Cipro that a person should take to cure their infection.

Cipro And Increased Risk Of Tendon Rupture In All Ages: Though Cipro is thought as a good drug for treating a wide range of bacterial infections, there is something about Cipro that most people aren't aware of. Due to the chemical composition of Cipro, the FDA has issued a warning regarding its use. Clinical experiments results regarding Cipro as well as the complaints from people who used the drug have shown that this drug is associated with an increased risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture in all ages. This risk is further intensified in people who are over 60 years of age. People who have heart problems, liver problems, breathing problems as well as kidney problems are also at a higher risk of experiencing a tendon rupture when they use Cipro.
This, people who are suffering from any kind of bacterial infection and are planning to use Cipro for treatment should have proper knowledge about the drug. People should also tell the above mentioned things to their doctors so, that the doctor might decide whether to prescribe it for the said person or not. Though Cipro has its side effects and disadvantages, the benefits of this drug can't be ignored.

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