Fucidin is indicated for the treatment of bacterial infections and acts by preventing the replication of bacteria therefore termed as bacteriostatic drug. It has topical use mainly but may also be given to treat certain systemic infections and proved to be an effective drug against MRSA (methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Fucidin should be given in combination with other antibiotic drug to treat severe infections caused by MRSA. It is also used to treat certain skin infections.

Dosage forms: Fucidin is available in various dosage forms according to the need and compliance of a patient such as: suspension, syrup, powder for solution, enteric coated tablet and ointment. Fucidin is also used for the preparation of eye drops.

Breast feeding: None of the studies reveal the elimination of Fucidin in breast milk but it is better to avoid risk factors due to the use of antibiotic medicine.
Fucidin is not recommended for pregnant women as the drug is able to cross placental barrier and may harm the fetus. Therefore safe use of this drug is not seen during pregnancy.

Side effects: Fucidin may sometimes cause liver disorder leading to jaundice but this condition is reversible and the patient gets normal as soon the therapy ends. This happens while taking Fucidin tablets or suspension. Other side effects associated with Fucidin may include nausea, loose stools, abdominal pain, anorexia (loss of appetite) and diarrhea.

Dosage: Adult dose of Fucidin for bone and joint infection called Osteomyelitis is 500mg tablets TDS (three times a day). The dose for Fucidin suspension is 15ml TDS.
Pediatric dose of Fucidin for 1 year old child or less is 1ml per kg, TDS (in three equal doses) in a day, 1-5 years children may take 5ml TDS, 6-12 years can take 10ml TDS of Fucidin suspension.
Injection form of Fucidin for adults for the treatment of Osteomyelitis is 500mg TDS while for children less than 1 year till 12 years of age is 20mg per kg Fucidin in the form of infusion for not less than 2 hours in a day and should be given in equal divided doses.
In case if the dose of Fucidin is missed, do not take double dose if the time of next dose has come closer and then the routine therapy should be continued.

For Skin Treatment: Fucidin cream and ointment are used to treat bacterial skin infections mainly caused by staphylococcal bacteria. It is effective against the strains of bacteria that are resistant to penicillins. Infections include impetigo, infected hair follicles, eczema, nail infection and infected wounds.

Storage: Fucidic acid should be stored at room temperature in a dry place away from sunlight. Avoid freezing any form of Fucidin the medicine to maintain the efficacy of the drug.

Precautions: Avoid taking Fucidin with drugs for asthma, cold, cough and with other OTC (over the counter) drugs such as aspirin.

Interactions: Certain drugs may alter the effect of the other if are taken together. Therefore while taking Fucidin; intake of few drugs should be prevented such as: Atorvastatin, Simvastatin, Saquinavir, and Ritronavir.
Fucidin may also interact with tobacco and alcohol therefore should be used with caution while taking these substances.

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